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Honey-Do Bridal/Wedding Shower
Honey-Do Bridal/Wedding Shower

What’s more fun than a “Honey Do” wedding Shower?! It makes a perfect theme for a couples shower, or for an informal Bride-to-BEE shower. The guests can give helpful household gifts like tools, barbeque grills, garden supplies, etc. Create a real buzz at your bridal shower with these sunny, yellow honeybee-themed party supplies. Another quality product from Creative Converting, this Buzz theme features vibrant yellow bumblebees with touches of black, white, and gold for a truly unique Bride or Married Couple-to-BEE decorating idea! Use all the tableware in this line for a brilliant bee-themed or “honey do” party. Mix and match pieces of the Buzz collection with coordinating Mimosa Yellow and Black Velvet for a happy, yet very economical look.

Honey-Do Shower Luncheon Plates Honey-Do Shower Luncheon Plates
Paper plates are great for a couples shower or an informal bridal shower picnic and this plate is perfect for a "honey-do" theme.  More Info

Honey-Do Shower Dessert Plates Honey-Do Shower Dessert Plates
A bright yellow honeycomb background, black and white accents, and a buzzing bee create the perfect plate for dessert!  More Info

Honey-Do Shower Luncheon Napkins Honey-Do Shower Luncheon Napkins
A cute little honeybee is centered on a large paper napkin with a honeycomb background. This napkin with black, white, and gold accents would be perfect for a pizza party, barbeque, or picnic.  More Info

Honey-Do Shower Beverage Napkins Honey-Do Shower Beverage Napkins
There’s a beehive of activity on these Honey-Do beverage napkins. Gold and yellow bees line up against a white background, which is accented with black and gold daisies.  More Info

Honey-Do Beverage Cups Honey-Do Beverage Cups
Perfectly matched to the Honey-Do beverage napkins, these paper cups feature black and yellow honeybees against a white background.  More Info

Honey-Do Wedding Shower Mylar Balloon Honey-Do Wedding Shower Mylar Balloon
This "honey" yellow balloon matches the Honey-Do dessert plate perfectly. It’s accented in black, white, and gold and features a bumble bee in the center.  More Info

Honey-Do Wedding Shower Centerpiece Honey-Do Wedding Shower Centerpiece
Adorably delightful, this 3-tier buzz centerpiece is the perfect addition to your party decorations. More Info

Honey-Do Wedding Shower Confetti Honey-Do Wedding Shower Confetti
Sprinkle shiny gold and black honeycomb pieces across your tables to create a fabulous honey-do themed party.  More Info

Honey-Do Wedding Shower Tablecloth Honey-Do Wedding Shower Tablecloth
Your honey do themed shower will be enhanced with this plastic tablecover. Decorated with honey colored bees and black accents, it’s sturdy enough to handle pizza or barbeque parties and pretty enough to hold the shower gifts. More Info

Honey-Do Foldover Favor Boxes Honey-Do Foldover Favor Boxes
Delight your guests with these bright honeybee themed favor boxes. Decorated like a honeycomb, and accented with black and white polka dot.  More Info

Budget BEE Themed Shower Invitations Budget BEE Themed Shower Invitations
"You’re Invited" is printed in the corner of this discount priced bumble-bee themed invitation. Most invitation packages contain only 8 pieces but you’ll save money with this package of 25.  More Info

Honey-Do Wedding Shower Invitations with Attachments Honey-Do Wedding Shower Invitations with Attachments
Get your guests ready for a Honey-Do party and make your invitation stand out! Stick a round bee attachment to the front of each invite for a unique, 3-D effect.
 More Info

Honey-Do Thank You Cards Honey-Do Thank You Cards
Keeping with the "Honey-Do" theme, the guest/guests of honor will really appreciate these wonderful thank you cards.  More Info

Personalized Honey-Do Shower Buttons Personalized Honey-Do Shower Buttons
Create a buzz with these Personalized Honey-Do Bridal Shower ID Buttons! At a bridal shower, give them to your guests as they arrive, or as gifts or favors as they depart. More Info

Personalized-Honey-Do-Bee-Centerpiece3.png Personalized Honey Bee Plush Centerpiece
Our huggable plump Honey Bee Plush will buzz his way into your heart! He makes the perfect centerpiece for a Honey-Do themed Bridal Shower. More Info

Buzz Personalized Bridal Shower Advice Cards Buzz Personalized Bridal Shower Advice Cards
Create a buzz at your bridal shower with these one-of-a-kind, Personalized "Honey Do" themed Advice Cards! Advice cards are a great way for friends and family to share their words of wisdom with the Bride-to-be or happy couple. More Info

Cute as can Bee Luncheon Napkins Cute as can Bee Luncheon Napkins
Your guests will be buzzing with delight over these super sweet Cute as can Bee Luncheon Napkins. More Info

Honey Bee Snack Pick Honey Bee Snack Pick
What an adorable way to decorate your snacks, hors d'oeuvres, cupcakes and appetizers. Our adorable Honey Bee plastic Snack Pick is perfect for any bee themed party.  More Info

Meant to Bee Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper "Meant to Bee" Ceramic Honey Pot with Wooden Dipper
The buzz is that this "Meant to Bee" Ceramic Honey Pot from Kate Aspen is deliciously sweet inside and out! Little yellow-and-black bees zoom around this wedding-white, beehive-shaped honey pot. More Info

Honey Scented Candle Favor Honey Scented Candle Favor
Everyone will be buzzing about this bright yellow, beehive shaped, honey scented candle favor. Sold in sets of four, this "Meant to Bee" candle is a unique memento for bridal showers. More Info

Personalized Bridal Shower Honey Jar Favors Personalized Bridal Shower Honey Jar Favors
Announce to all of your guests that this marriage was "Meant To Bee" with individual personalized jars of honey. Honey is a known aphrodisiac, so what better favor than honey for a bridal shower or wedding favor? More Info

Monogram Honey Jar Favors Monogram Honey Jar Favors
Chic, classy and stylish! These personalized monogram honey jar favors are perfect for any special event. Several "sweet" designs to choose from. More Info

Honey Bear Lollipop Honey Bear Lollipop
Everyone is just "wild" about honey and this all natural teddy bear lollipop is made with pure wild honey. More Info

Honey Do Whistle Honey Do Whistle
A great gag gift for the bride to be, this gigantic whistle will ensure attention. More Info

Planning a Honey-Do Shower

A Honey-Do Shower is often coed, so the planner needs to keep in mind the comfort levels of both men and women.

The menu for a very simple Honey-Do themed party might consist primarily of finger foods like little sandwiches and hors d'oeuvres.

If you are planning to serve a meal, consider pizza, or hamburgers & hotdogs, sub sandwiches, barbeque chicken, Chinese, or tacos. Don’t forget to include lots of snacks too, like potato chips, taco chips and salsa, pretzels, etc.

Dessert might be do-it-yourself ice cream sundaes, cupcakes, brownies, or cake.

Decorating is half the fun. Our Honey-Do wedding shower supplies in yellow, black and white are perfect for a coed shower. They are covered with honeybees and not so fussy that guys would object. Paper products make men feel comfortable because they don’t have to worry about breaking anything, and the clean up is easy. Brittany at Grey Grey Designs had some very clever decorating ideas for a Honey-Do shower, and went to Lowe's to shop for her decor and serving pieces. Did you know that most large home improvement centers offer a bridal registry? Gina Howard Roberts of Slipcover Chic also has some good tips for a Honey-Do shower.

Gifts can run the gamut from tools to cook books and everything in between. His Honey-Do list for her might be more domestic, while hers may be more handyman oriented. One great idea would be to put all of the gifts in a large new trash can and put a sign on the trash can saying “Honey, DO take the trash out! Another gift that’s perfect for the occasion is a Hubby Helper Tool Belt. It’s a wonderful ice breaker and all of the guests will laugh. The Bride and Groom to be will love it!

One game we thought was cute involved two containers. Each guest writes one problem they think a married couple might encounter and drops it into a container. On another slip of paper they write the solution and drop it in the second container. Then the messages are mixed up in the containers. The bride-to-be reads one of the problems and the groom-to-be reads one of the solutions. Of course they won’t match up so the results are usually pretty funny. Another game idea is a scratch off lottery ticket type game. It’s fast, simple and the prizes can fit the occasion, such as a small flashlight or a box of utility candles. If the weather is right outdoor games such as volleyball might be appropriate, but there really is no need for games at all. The main point of this type of shower is to get friends together as couples and celebrate.

Honey-Do Bridal/Wedding Shower

Coordinating Favors

Finding the right companion favors to match your decorations and party supplies, makes planning a shower a snap. More Info

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