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Baby Shower Diaper Game

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Baby Shower Diaper Game
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Three fun baby shower game ideas in one kit: Diaper Surprise (luck of the draw game), Messy Guesses (identification game), Memory Madness (memory recall game). Whichever game variation you choose, baby shower guests will have "loads" of fun with this game's spin on the joy of diaper duty. Diapers come with reusable diaper pins in assorted colors. Game kit includes 12 folded, white felt diapers measuring approximately 3 1/4" x 3 1/2".

Game Kit Includes:
12 Miniature Felt Diapers
Stickers to Play 3 Games

Game 1 is Diaper Surprise (poopey surprise) - Place stickers inside diapers prior to playing. Have guests choose a diaper. When ready have guests open up their individual diapers. The one with the Poopey Surprise Winner sticker is the winner. Losing stickers read Clean Diaper.
Game 2 is Messy Guesses - place stickers with numbers on the diapers. Purchase 12 different popular chocolate candy bars. Mash up a portion of the bar and place into diapers. Pass around diapers and have guests write down each diaper number and their best guess of what candy bar brand is found inside. The one with the most correct guesses is the winner.
Game 3 is Memory Madness- Place baby picture stickers on diapers. Quickly pass around diapers and have guests try to remember what they see. Pass around paper and have guests list from memory the 12 different pictures. One with the most correct answers is the winner!

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